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Time is an instantiation of mathematics (under construction)

Human entities are born into qualitative conditions of seasons and cycles within larger cycles of time. Time is both a quantitative and qualitative instantiation of mathematics.  (Quantitative durations and qualitative environmental conditions.)
Time appears to be both an existent abstract phenomena and a concept of the mind.  The fleeting present moment being reality.  Memory, history and future events are all concepts of the human mind.  Time, which is also growth and a continuum of cyclic change is measured conceptually by the (re)presentational symbols of mathematics (adjective ordinal numbers, eg. firstness, secondness, etc.). 
Whether time is enveloped in consciousness or whether consciousness is enveloped in time is not fully understood.  Both time and consciousness are inextricably interrelated and linked by growth and persistent change. Primitive conscious awareness is created with the first breath of the infant.  Although there may be some brain activity when a fetus is in the womb, it is not verifiable that the activity is consciousness.  The instant in time the first breath is taken connects the infant to a quality of time which is mathematically representational of abstract qualitative reason or purpose of being and marks the beginning of intrinsic cycles of qualitative change and growth.