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Indentifying and Naming the “I”
the Individual Conscious Awareness referred to as Mind

Both the physical universe and it's observer, abstract human embodied mind, are instantiations of both mathematics and language. Just as complex formulas and equations describe the physical universe the essential natural primary mathematically defined categorical qualitative sets of human consciousness comprise the mental characteristical qualities of desires and expressions of individual human mind: the "I" awareness.  Mathematical symbols are manipulated into formulas to describe the physical universe.  In the case of human mind, language in the form of letters and characters are the extensions of the mathematical symbols and are the cognitive influence that not only describes mental characteristics but have a causal influence.

Proper Pronouns name without identifying.
"Traditionally, one of the major arguments for universals has been a semantic one.  It has been noted that only a small number of terms in a natural language can be construed as referring to particular individuals which can be placed and dated.  Proper names, demonstratives, pronouns, and definite descriptions plausibly refer to individuals." - Source: Science & Necessity---Bigelow / Pargetter   Beyond semantical descriptives and demonstratives proper names through environmental intelligent order of mathematics and language give rise to the characteristical qualitative properties of phenomenal consciousness that is referred to as individualized mind.  Descrete classifications (perceived categories) of universal qualitative characteristics become individualized through through language in the form of proper names (rigid designators).
Selecting a name for a new born infant may be of more importance and have more significant ramifications then one may ever realize.  Children’s’ names are usually given for a large variety of what could be called mundane reasons ranging from family naming tradition to naming after popular celebrities or of current popular names.  Language and proper names are most often taken for granted as an attribute or label of humans with little thought given to the importance and sacredness of the influence of language. Virtually no consideration is given to the influence of the representational informational processes that mold mental and emotional intelligence that is created by the influence of the socially agreed upon common language that is used to name the baby. 
A newborn baby could be described as a primitive conscious entity that evolves over time through a learning process to become a much more sophisticated conscious entity or an individual mind that is referred to and responds to its given name.  The impact of the open vowel sounds and the corresponding consonants that are expressed with the alphabetical letters that are subject to cognitive sequence recognition relative to each letters position in a commonly accepted alphabet that can be measured in representational instantiated metaphorical terms.  Fraternal twins or identical twin babies born at virtually the same time of the same parents, given the same environment, diet, and education can and do have distinctly different mental and emotional characteristics that are dependent on the letters used to create their respective names.
Some historical philosophers such as Pythagoras were aware of the relationship of mathematics and language and their further relationship to the principle of balance and equilibrium.  Balance, harmony and equilibrium are the basis of the self organizing, evolving universe.  The same mathematics that defines and explains the physical laws can also be applied to the abstract categorized qualities and expressions of human consciousness that is instilled with the birth of a newborn individual and create either discordances or relative harmony and balance.

Inherent physical characteristics and the phenomena of time and growth through environmental factors combined with the influences of the given names, nicknames etc. mold the degree of harmony and balance and ultimate sense of fulfillment of the individual. Through the given names we are naming the “I” or individual phenomena of conscious awareness referred to as the “mind” which is a describable personality with public and private characteristics.